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25% OFF  Pricing for Front Line Workers, Teachers and Veterans.

ALL Material Estimates are good for 30 days, subject to Change with Market Rate. 

A Confident Client is a Happy Client! Not every project will need every service and I find itemizing these costs help keep things simple and easy to understand the value of quality work. Pricing is based on the Total Square Footage of All Structural and Non-Structural Elements. Use the following information as a quick calculator tool.

Permit Application Only. 250.00

Permit Full Set for Addition & Deck. 3,500.00

Certificate of Occupancy Application. 500.00

Zoning Application. 500.00

ARC Architectural Review Application. 2,500.00

Design & Drafting Designer Rate Hourly 150.00, 5.00 Per SF

Design & Drafting Contractor Rate Hourly 100.00, 3.50 Per SF

Rough-In Mechanical Permit Drawings Rate Hourly 150.00, 5.00 Per SF

Client & Trade Consulting 500.00 Per Project , or 125.00 Per Hour

Material Cost Estimates 500.00 Per Project, or 125.00 Per Hour

Contracts, Grants & Technical Writing 500.00 Per Project, or 125.00 Per Hour

Design & Drafting.

4.00 Per SF   ALL Inclusive Design & Drafting Service Special

                                   All New Projects for Fall/Winter 2020

                                   Excludes Mechanical Permit Drawings


1.00 Per SF    Existing Site & Floor Plans

                                   Field Measure, Develop Floor Plan, Highlight Main Mechanical Lines

1.00 Per SF    Interiors

                                   Space Planning, Kitchen & Bath Design, Floor Plan Options, Workspace Configurations

4.00 Per SF   Building Permit Drawing Set

                                   1.00 Per SF     Existing Site & Floor Plans

                                   1.00 Per SF     Interiors

                                   2.00 Per SF     Building Permit Drawing Set

                                   Example:       1,000 SF Residence x 4.00 = 4,000.00

                                   Framing Plan, Demolition Plan, Exterior Elevations, Building Section, Staircase Details

                                   Foundation Plans, Joist Plans, Rafter & Roof Plans, Door & Window Specifications

                                   Includes Permit Application Management 250.00 Value, Permit Fees & Costs By Others

                                   * Most Common Service, Permit Drawings are Required for Building Permit Approval

1.00 Per SF    Mechanical Rough-In Design & Drawings, Trade Use Only

                                   (4) Utility Service; Electrical, Lighting, Plumbing & HVAC

5.00 Per SF   Mechanical Permit Drawing Set*

                                   (4) Utility Service; Electrical, Lighting, Plumbing & HVAC, Trade Only Rough-In Drawings not necessary

                                   Includes all Technical Drawings, Specifications, Selections, Schedules, Panels & Diagrams

                                   All Permit Applications, Fees & Costs By Others

                                   * Requires the Highest Skill Level, Mechanical Drawings are Required for Commercial Building Permit Approval