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Trash Talk.

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

As a passionate conservationist, environmentalist and watershed protector finding out where our trash goes is an important concern for the future of ecosystem and ability the impact of our waste. A little bird told me that Richmond VA was cancelling their recycling program and I was deeply concerned with the lack of or remiss of community information.

The one-time use life cycle of a product could range from 30 seconds to 30 years. I take accountability when I go throw something away and talk trash, could this be recycled? As the end user I feel that the manufacturing industry should be held accountable to the highest standards of waste producers and should be phasing out all packaging with biodegradable instead.

City of Richmond Recycling

Central Virginia Waste Management Authority called 11/4/19 @ 4:15 to verify where the recycled goods are transported to 12200 Old Stage Road, Petersburg, VA 23805.


City of Richmond Trash

The future of using the Petersburg Landfill, a different location from recycling program, has been terminated due to the landfill being filled. The new location is under extreme criticism, “Virginia state lawmakers recently tabled a proposal that would have made Cumberland County, situated between Richmond and Lynchburg, get approval from neighboring Powhatan County before moving forward with creating a 1,200-acre landfill site”, https://www.waste360.com/landfill-operations/cumberland-va-track-new-3500-ton-daily-landfill

Chesterfield VA Recycling

Neighboring town is under also under extreme criticism for cutting the budget cost for their recycling program that was scheduled to end July 2019. "County officials estimated in information to the board that Chesterfield would need to spend about $767,000, or more than triple the $231,000 budgeted this year, in addition to the $1.87 million being collected from about 75,000 participating households that pay $25 yearly for the service",


Corporate Tax Intensives

"The credit is equal to 20 percent of the original total capitalized cost of the purchase price for machinery and equipment for processing recyclable materials, and the total credit allowed cannot exceed 40 percent of the Virginia income tax liability in any taxable year.  The unused amount of the credit can be carried over for next 10 years.  Before the corporation or individual is entitled to the tax credit, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) shall certify that such machinery and equipment are integral to the recycling process.  Obtaining the tax credit is a three step process",


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