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Gourmet Kitchens & Baths

Master Suites

Cabinetry & Trim Molding

Work Spaces


Carriage House


Pool House

Green Spaces

Decks & Porches


Cabinetry & Trim Molding

Masonry, Brick & Stone

Fireplace, Hearth & Mantels


Custom Tile Design

Staircase, Balusters & Railing


ADA Design/Build FREE Service

Furniture Design

Upholstery & Drapery

Wall Coverings & Murals

Furniture Selection

Fixture Specification

Custom Interior Decor

Iron Work



Existing Plans

Revised Floor Plans

Framing Plans

Exterior Elevations

Building Sections

Wall Bracing

Foundation Plans

Porches & Decks

Mechanical Rough-Ins


Lighting Fixtures & Switch

Plumbing & Gas

HVAC & Duct Work






Certificate of Occupancy

Egress & Fire Safety




Historic Preservation

ARC Architectural Review 


Providing Design/ Build Services to the Richmond VA Community is a passion I have made into a career. As a small business owner  I take pride in working with All Trades, Craftsman and Artisans to build strong relationships. I value  honesty and work hard for ALL of my Clients! Property Owners, Business Owners & Real Estate Investors know the importance of hiring a Quality Design/Build Professional saving valuable Resources, Time & MoneyReferences Available. 

Step 1: Design Consulting

Pre-Construction is the first step of any project to determine the Scope of Work, Financial Forecast, Scheduling and Project Management time considerations. See Estimates for Pricing. 


Step 2: Determine Existing Information

Developing Existing Plans by field measuring the space and developing scaled drawings that can be used for the Interior Design, Build Permit Set and Trade Estimates

Step 3: Design Development

Knowing the Work Scope with Existing Plans ready, the Design Process begins. This phase has multiple floor plan designs and workspace options so that the client can grow into making confident the decisions. 

Step 4: Permit Sets for Building Construction 

Knowing the Work Scope with Existing Plans in hand, the Design Process begins. This phase has multiple floor plan designs, red lines, revisions and workspace options so that the client can grow into making confident the decisions. Technical Drawings are required by Virginia State Building Code to be submitted for a Building Construction Permit. Structural Engineered Drawings are a separate order of business and if required must use Building Construction Permit Set Drawings by law and for accuracy. MasonWood LLC is registered with the Richmond VA Online Permit Portal. 

Step 5: Mechanical Rough-In and Mechanical Building Permit Set Drawings

The most valuable tool for Trades and Estimates are Architectural Drawings. After the Building Permit Drawing Set is completed, client approved and ready for permit application, Mechanical Rough-In and Mechanical Building Permit Set Drawings can be developed. The extra cost in production for only Mechanical Rough-In will have cost saving on any project 5,000.00 at minimum in cost from mistakes, time and materials.

Step 6: Material Estimates, Client & Trade Consulting

Design and Technical Drawings finished, how much does it cost? Good Question!

With any full set of Architectural Drawing, I can provide take-off estimates all of the Material Costs and Labor Rates.

Any contractor that can quote you without the true value of the take-offs, simply makes up a number by the SF.

Most full renovations are 150.00 per SF. Example: 1,000 SF x 150.00 = 150,000.00. 

Every Estimate has items over-priced, under-priced, unnecessary or left out. 

Protect your investment! Compare hard numbers and negotiate pricing! 

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